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    Shedding vorticies

    John Sutherland

      Can SW Premium be expected to visualise the alternate shedding of vorticies from the trailing end of an immersed object?

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          Rich Bayless



          One of the validation examples for the full Flow Sim package is for flow past a cylinder:



          Let us now consider an external incompressible flow example. In this example, water at a temperature of 293.2 K and a pressure of 1 atm flows over a cylinder of 0.01 m or 1 m diameter. The flow pattern of this example substantially depends on the Reynolds number which is based on the cylinder diameter. At low Reynolds numbers (4 < Re < 60) two steady vortices are formed on the rear side of the cylinder and remain attached to the cylinder, as it is shown schematically in Fig. 7.1. (see Refs.3).


          At higher Reynolds numbers the flow becomes unstable and a von Karman vortex street appears in the wake past the cylinder. Moreover, at Re > 60…100 the eddies attached to the cylinder begin to oscillate and shed from the cylinder (Ref.3). The flow pattern is shown schematically in Fig. 7.2..


          end Quote.


          Flo Express should also be able to run this kind of simulation, although I have not tried this personally.



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            Loic Ancian

            Not SW premium

            SW Flow Simulation can do this.