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Geostar in SolidWorks Student Edition?

Question asked by Ben Ruffell on May 4, 2011

I am a mech eng student in my final year of my BE. I am working part time for a company who uses Geostar (they have the old COSMOSM package). I have learnt the software quite well and find it excellent so i would like to use it for my research project. I recently discovered in the latest SolidWorks you can export to Geostar as a .geo file. However, here at University this option doesn't work (Geostar does not open). I have full analysis capability like non-linear etc, so i figure i have the full version and thus, Geostar. So what i'm wondering - is there a way to open Geostar (apparently the inner workings of SolidWorks simulation) in the student/education edition? Or is Geostar not part if the educational edition? Thanks. Failing this, i will just learn Abaqus better, since our University also has this package.   PS: in my searches i've noticed Geostar isn't extremely possible, but any knowledge in the area would be fantastic.