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Need help with core development

Question asked by Troy Bungard on May 4, 2011
Latest reply on May 26, 2011 by Craig Pretty

Greetings all ...


I'm looking for a saving grace here... see attached part.

First of all - I've been using solidworks for about a year - and this is my first real surfacing project.  I've had no training on solidworks - I used to use the other software until I started working with this company.   That aside ... I know my model has some flaws, but I don't know what I can do about that at this point.


This is a dash for a boat helm, when rotated upright, the angled face has 2 cut outs - this is where the gauge cluster inserts.... and the part needs to be hollow inside to access gauges and wiring, etc.  (I wanted to use 3/4 offset but could only get 5/8 to solve)


I need to make a solid model of the internal faces - so I can machine a plug for a mold.  I also need to add 3/8 to the outside surface and machine a block to make our mold box from.


This is a polyurethane high density foam piece.  we use soft tooling made from silicon rubber.  boxes for the rubber are generally wood or fiberglass - in this case fiberglass.  the 3/8 addon, is to simulate the rubber to  i have uniform thickness of material of the silicone.


the internal core - obviously- is to control part thickness.


I have a mock up of my part made from a solid block - which I have to send out for a vinyle texture wrap.

Now I need to work on the mold box and plug - which I'm having several issues with.


I can't get it to solve.  it's saying can't knit surfaces...


For the rubber - I usually insert my part into a solid block - make a cavity - then shell it down to the thickness I want the rubber to be ...

that fails due to some vertex it doesn't like -


I'm ready to pull the remaining hairs from my head-


anyone please help - greatly appreciaited...