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add note to component name in history tree in assembly

Question asked by Mike Lydon on May 4, 2011
Latest reply on May 5, 2011 by Tony Cantrell

OK. SW decided to unsuppress all the components in the tree. I have eight configurations (no design table, done with Configure Component). This assembly consists of over one hundred items that are suppressed/unsurpressed depending on configuration. It would be nice, from a bookkeeping perspective, to have a prefix, before the component name, that indicates that in what configuration(s) the item is Unsuppressed. That way, if things go south again, I can tell at a glance which items need to be suppressed/unsurpressed in what configurations. As it stands now, I have to check every part against a legacy drawing, to see if the item should be surpressed or unsupressed, in what configurations ( I am converting a legacy project to SW). I am reasonably certain that this can't be done presently. Does anyone have any ideas how I could accomplish the same thing, using the tools available in SW2011 sp2?




Mike Lydon