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EPDM New File Template

Question asked by earl navarro on Apr 30, 2011
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We just acquired EPDM enterprise, so i am still trying to work things out

On our VAULT , I created a folder called CAD FILES which in turn contains folders named,11 SECTION, 12 SECTION & 13 SECTION respectively.

Inside the EPDM ADMINISTRATION I created TEMPLATES for new file.

What i am trying to accomplish is when adding a new part file, i right click and see the word NEW ,followed by the FILE TEMPLATE name  i created


for example

when i'm in 11 section,  when i right click, i would like to see NEW....Galley Cabinet.

when i'm in 12 section, when i right click, i would like to see NEW...Lavy Cabinet

when i'm in 13 section, when i right click, would like to see NEW....Range Cabinet


the problem i am having is when i  right click inside any of the three folders, i see everything (see below)


NEW.....Galley Cabinet

             Lavy Cabinet

             Range Cabinet


so a user can place the Lavy Cabinet inside the 11 Section accidentally which i don't like to happen.

Any help would be appreciated