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    Using png files as sketch backgrounds - wrong size.

    Gafg Agafgaf

      Hi all.


      I'm not sure if this is something peculiar to my setup or if it's a SW thing - but when I use a png file as a sketch background, it comes in with a different size to what the file actually is.  ie.  The image is 2097 x 1632 png file.  Bring it into SW 2011 and it comes in as 2048 x 1593.  The odd thing is that if I convert it to a JPG or TIF or any other format it comes in with the correct 1 pixel = 1 mm as described in the documentation.


      Why is this happening?


      I know it's not a big deal but I've not been able to track down why it only happens with png's.


      In case it's important - the png's are saved from photoshop cs5.  Is there some cond of margin built into png's that I'm not aware of but SW is?


      Any clarification would be much appreciated




      ps: I can upload the image if it's required.