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How to Embed eDrawings Files into Office Documents

Question asked by Dan Riffell on Apr 28, 2011
Latest reply on May 3, 2011 by Scott McFadden

Has anyone come up with a fool-proof method of embedding eDrawings into a PowerPoint or Word document?  I've checked the help, but it appears to be for earlier versions of Office (  I've also searched the fora with no love.


Here's what I've come up with that kinda sorta works in Office 2010:

1.  Go to Options and show the Developer Tab.

2.  Click the Macro Security button and select Enable Macros.

3.  Click the More Controls button and select eDrawings 20xx Control.

4.  Draw the box for the control object.

5.  Right click and select Properties.

6.  Select FileName and browse to the file.

7.  Select EnableFeatures and select the features you want to see in the control box.

8.  In Word you have to exit Design Mode and in PowerPoint you have to view the slideshow to see the eDrawing in all of its glory.


However, I have a host of issues/ questions:


This seems to work fine when creating the document, but on subsequent opens both Word and PPT crash.  Is there a setting I have missed?


Do I have to save it as a macro-enabled file format?


Any computer that you share the file with needs to have eDrawings installed, which is a PITA.


Even if the "sharing" computer has eDrawings, it seems like Word and PPT both look for the original file path with no options to change.  This poses a problem unless you always have everything saved on your Desktop.


Anyone else have a better way to do this?  It seems like the potential for usefullness is there, but (almost predictably) the execution falls flat.