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SolidWorks seams to be to slow

Question asked by Adrian Constantinescu on Apr 28, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2017 by Dan Phillips

Hi, it seams that my SolidWorks doesn't use the computer resources. I have an intel i7 CPU on 64 bits Windows 7 Professional , true, only 4 Gb of RAM , but even when I’m rebuilding all assembly parts my CPU is not used more than 20 %, usually maximum 13- 15 %. Windows task manager shows me 8 processors and with SW only 1 and sometimes 2 works. I even set priority for SW to “real time” and it’s the same. What is strange also is that memory it’s used about 1.3 GB by Windows only, and with SW open and working it rarely get above 3 GB. Can I make some settings in SW to make it faster?