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    Looking for a way to use keyboard to go to next part of property manager.

    Joshua Roberts

      Anyone know how to advance through the property manager using only the keyboard?


      I thought the whole point of mouse gestures and many of these other interface improvements was to increase mousing efficiency. (Reducing clicks and mouse travel.) If this is the case, why insn't there a keyboard shortcut to move to the next parameter in the property manager. It can get very tedious to start a command, select a face/surface/whatever, then have to return to the property manager to select the next selection window, then back to the graphics window to select anotehr face....


      What I'm hoping for is functionality just like on web forms, (among other things), where pressing tab moves your cursor to the next field. Doesn't have to be Tab, but that would be intuitive.

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          Charles Culp

          There often is. If there is a series of selection boxes, clicking with the right mouse button should move on to the next item. You will know this option is available because the mouse icon should change to a mouse shape, with a carriage return symbol for the right button.


          Are you concerned with a particular feature?

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              Joshua Roberts

              Sure, that works for some things (I might have said "a few"). However, because its not consistent or even common it does not become a part of "muscle memory."


              The first place I found myself wishing for it was the pin connector tool in Simulation. You have to pick a cylindrical surface for the blue box and another for the pink box. It gets rather tedious when you have 50 some pins to create and you have to select in the window, click the pink box and select in the window again. It would be easier, especially when you've got to select smaller surfaces, to not have to move the mouse all across the screen.


              I seem to remember that when they introduced the gestures, it was all about reducing mouse movement. It seems almost for naught when you still have to spend all mousing time going back and forth.


              I think there are two solutions:



              Let me Tab through the command steps like I would an internet form. That way, ony my eyes have to travel elsewhere on the screen. For commands used frequently, even that could be unecessary.



              Make a semi-transparent overlay of the command window near where you're working, kinda like the dimension wizard that pops up. Try to make it intelligent so it stays out of the way of the users selections. If it does get in the way, assign a hotkey to make it try another location or to temporarily disappear to allow selection behind. (But first allow the user to tell the software what he's selecting.)