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Looking for a way to use keyboard to go to next part of property manager.

Question asked by Joshua Roberts on Apr 27, 2011
Latest reply on May 3, 2011 by Joshua Roberts

Anyone know how to advance through the property manager using only the keyboard?


I thought the whole point of mouse gestures and many of these other interface improvements was to increase mousing efficiency. (Reducing clicks and mouse travel.) If this is the case, why insn't there a keyboard shortcut to move to the next parameter in the property manager. It can get very tedious to start a command, select a face/surface/whatever, then have to return to the property manager to select the next selection window, then back to the graphics window to select anotehr face....


What I'm hoping for is functionality just like on web forms, (among other things), where pressing tab moves your cursor to the next field. Doesn't have to be Tab, but that would be intuitive.