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Custom properties in Design Checker

Question asked by Doru Manda on Apr 27, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by Scott Harvey



     I want to use Design Checker to check if i have my custom properties set correct for all my part components.So i have a part who has 2 properties : "Material" and "Codice" (picture a1), and i have created a standard to check only this 2 properties (picture a11).When i check the document i have 2 errors (picture a3) saying that the properties aren't as they should be,so i have the option to autocorrect all.

     This is where the fun begin .When i hit autocorrect all i get an error "Missing Custom Properties" (picture a5) and i don't have the old properties anymore,they are deleted(picture a10).

     In conclusion where i am wrong or how this type of check can be made?


Thank you.