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Reference Views for BOMs/Configurations in BOMs

Question asked by David Mandl on Apr 26, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2011 by Filipe Venceslau

In drawings, every BOM is created by first selecting a view in the .slddrw file, so SolidWorks knows what file to use for creating the BOM.


After the BOM is inserted, you can select the BOM, go to the FeatureManager and select the "Configurations" drop-down to decide which configuration you want represented in the BOM.


What I find odd is that there isn't a way to tie that configuration selection to the configuration of the drawing view you used to create the BOM.  You can control the configuration of the drawing view through a configuration drop-down, just like you can for BOMs, but it is completely 100% independent of the BOM configuration.


Is there a way to make the BOM a child of the drawing view (sort of like how you can select <Link to parent> in the reference configuration of a projected or detail view), such that you can link the configurations between the two?


We're trying to implement design automation (DriveWorks), so it would be nice to have a solution more elegant than "an engineer will have to manually change the configuration drop-down before releasing the drawing/BOM".