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Developing a Multi-size Assembly System

Question asked by Don Cheke on Apr 26, 2011
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One of my roles involves creating a window-like systems for manufacture. This means I created full detailed drawings as well as full assemblies for use in documents and literature. Up till now I have been using TurboCAD which has worked well enough, but TC lacks decent parametric features which makes changes time consuming. As such, the client I perform this function for has decided that we will use SW. They purchased a copy for me and I am frantically trying to learn it. I am actually coming along quite well, but find that there is still so much that I don't know well enough to say, 'yes, this will work, or yes, this is the way it should be done'. It is hard to go from being an expert with one system to being a newbie in another, but it is the life of a designer as most of you well know.


Please see the attached PDF. It was, in part, snagged from a comprehensive tutorial I had written for TC users on window illustration and shows how I have been approaching easy construction of multi-sized units. HRI is a ficticious company name that I use often on graphics where a brand name enhances the look.


Today I was starting the development of a system that will allow me to create not only detailed drawings but eventually a variety of stock sized assemblies. I found that I could not slice assemblies and that each part would need to be mitered individually. This should not pose too much of a problem, provided I can use the mirror copy system illustrated in the PDF.


Does anyone see any flaws in this approach used within SW?


How can I ensure that when an assembly is reused for a new size the original parts used in other files will not be affected?


Is it enough to copy the assembly and files to a new folder and revise as necessary or are the internal part ID's going to create problems with linked files wherever they are used?


Is this too much to ask here on the forum? Should I be seeking a local SW teacher to help me one on one to iron out the whole process?


Thanks in advance, and thank for all the support so far that I have been asking for and receiving. It was nice to find such a helpful forum.


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