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    PDM WorkGroup going to survive?

    James Pare

      I am thinking of putting alot of effort into implementing PDM work group for our design team, but I keep hearing rumors that PDM work group could be killed off as soon as 2012, hoping to get some feedback from the SWX community on this, It it worth my time to pursue???

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          Scott McFadden


          At SWW 2011 it was told that solidworks would give at least a 2 year

          window before extinguishing workgroup.  And it was said that Solidworks

          had not annouced such a thing up to that point.

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            Matthew Lorono

            Workgroup PDM is not going away.  If it is ever cancelled (which is highly unlikely), the user base will have a 2 year notice prior to its end-of-life, according to SolidWorks Corp.


            I've caught two major west coast VARs blanantly lying to their customers by telling them repeatedly year-after-year that it's going to be killed off by the end of the year.  If all those "rumors" were true, Workgroup PDM has been cancelled at least 7 years in a row.    Workgroup PDM is beneficial to the SolidWorks menu because it's a gateway to Enterprise PDM.  Once users are hooked on Workgroup, it's not that difficult to get them to buy into Enterprise when their operation expands beyond Workgroup capabilities.  It is possible to move your Workgroup vault (intact) into Enterprise.