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Solidworks stuck in openGL mode

Question asked by Matt Kirby on Apr 25, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2011 by Matt Kirby

I wasnt sure where to list this question so sorry if its in the wrong area.


I am hoping someone can help me here. I have read that others have had this problem and I have tried those solutions without any luck.


This is what I did:

Uninstalled my video driver


ran registry cleaner


ran driver sweeper


re-install SW approved video driver



Still no fix. OpenGL is checked and greyed out even with no documents open. This is whats funny, I can log on as a local user and it works fine. My Inventor software works great too so I wouldnt think the card is bad.


Solidworks  2011 SP3

Dell precision 690

Windows XP 32 bit

Nvidia quadro 4600


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.