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von-Mises Equivalent Stres (Seqv)

Question asked by Prashant Akhare on Apr 22, 2011
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In PV analysis, can anyone tell me how I can extract the graph for "von-Mises Equivalent Stress" for Pm, Pm+Pb and Total Equivalent stress against two point adjoining thickness i.e. SEQV on Y-Axis and the selected thickness formed by 2-point on X-Axis, which will give me the result for Pm, Pm+Pb, Q(Total Stress).


Present selection in SW simulation is limited to extracation of graph for Shear YZ, XZ, XY and Normal X, Y, Z. on Y-axis and thickness points on the X-axis, which is giving the result for Pm, Pm+Pb and Q(Total Stress). Looking for the reply.


-Prashant, Pune