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    Serial Numbers with C#.NET...

    Christina Seay

      Hey guys.  I've got an existing VB.NET Windows form application that I'm converting over to a C#.NET WPF application and I'm running into an error I can't work out.  The program looks at EPDM and gets a list of all the available serial number names and lets the user pick a serial number to use and then generates the next available number in that series.  It worked in the VB form application.


      What I've got at the moment:


              public EdmVault5 VaultHook = new EdmVault5();
              public IEdmSerNoGen7 EPDMSerialNumbersAvailable;
              public Array EPDMSerialNumberNames;
              public EdmLib.IEdmSerNoValue EPDMSerialNumberGenerated;

              public MainWindow() {


                  var handle = new System.Windows.Interop.WindowInteropHelper(this).Handle.ToInt32();


                  VaultHook.LoginAuto("Vault", handle);


                  EPDMSerialNumbersAvailable = VaultHook.CreateUtility(EdmUtility.EdmUtil_SerNoGen);



      This line:  EPDMSerialNumbersAvailable.GetSerialNumberNames(EPDMSerialNumberNames); is giving me an error saying that:

      The best overloaded method match for 'EdmLib.IEdmSerNoGen7.GetSerialNumberNames(out System.Array)' has some invalid arguments


      Does anyone know why I'm getting that error??