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ASME Linked In Presentation

Discussion created by Thomas Allsup on Apr 22, 2011

Last night I attended the North Texas American Society of Mechanical Engineers last meeting of the season - it covered using the professional networking tool: Linked In.  It was presented by Dennis O'Hagan, a local sales guy.  He does free presentations around the metroplex every so often and he does a fun job of explaining how to get more of the professional networking site.  Here's a couple of his ideas:

1.  Publish a comment occasionally to make a biggger "footprint in the digital sand" (this is like Twitter)

2.  Get a couple recommendations to move up in the search results

3.  Add the towns in your surrounding area to increase your search results (think like meta tags)

4.  Add keywords (again, like meta tags) - he mentioned his profile has 83 synonyms for "sales" so whatever someone might search for gets him a hit

5.  Search for yourself as someone else would seach for you, like enter "Mechanical Design Engineer", look the profile that is number 1 and copy as many portions that you can to your profile

6.  Dennis O'Hagan's profile has a document called "Key to Higher Rankings" that might help you getting to the top of the searches

7.  Denis dismissed "Plaxo" as an email updater although I see it as a smaller Linked In

8.  He discussed Facebook and internet security particularly posting questionable items with this funny quote: "people die of exposure".