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Custom Properties Issue with EPDM Part Check In

Question asked by Brad Joseph on Apr 21, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2011 by Jeremiah Feist

Currently I use the custom properties tab for such things as Description, Drawing Number, Material, Description 1, and so on. Now as i try to figure out EPDM I have a part card set up. I'm running into a problem it seems between both of them. And my custom properties are set up to show on the custom tab and as far as i can tell so is the Part card properties.


What i do now is create a sample part.

The custom propery in the tab has already been selected prior to this, as when you start the part the template already has it added in.

I Save the part into the vault.

The part card opens and i enter the information and save.

I then open up the properties in the SW part to check, and anything I've added in on check in/save is missing.


I've also then tried having the custom property tab set to NONE.

I then save and go through the same motions.

When i open up the properties all my info is there.

I then open the custom property tab and choose the correct property template, and the information fills in.


Is SW and EPDM only able to perform this in one way? Or am I missing something?