Timothy Ganstrom

'Telnet' Windows 7 tweak needed to get Network lincensing to work

Discussion created by Timothy Ganstrom on Apr 21, 2011

I was installing SW2011 at a client company who uses the Solidworks Network Lincesing scheme.   When the Windows 7 machine would not recognize the avaible licenses on the Server, I found out that there is a 'backgroud' service in Windows 7 that is turned off, and needs to be turned on.  The service is under what is now called 'Windows Features' in Windows 7.  (Found in the side bard of the Add/Remove programs Control Panel.)


This windows feature is called 'Telnet'  and there are two 'features' to check mark to turn it on in the 'Windows Features' dialog box.  This wasn't an issue in earlier versions of Windows because this 'Telnet' background service was 'on' by default.  But to keep Windows users more 'secure' that feature is now 'off' by default in fresh installs of Windows 7.


I just wanted others to be able to get around this issue without having to call their VAR and have them explain it to you.  Eventually, the install process will probably fix this issue, but SW programmers will have to figure out how to program that into the install process, maybe in the 2012 version.


Also, now the 'fix' is archived on the internet, and I don't have to memorize it in my own head! ;-)




-Tim Ganstrom