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Convert Ordinate Dimensions to Baseline

Question asked by Josh Siebert on Apr 20, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2011 by Josh Siebert

I am very new to SolidWorks - The company I work for will be manufacturing some parts for a company out of the UK. They use SW, so we picked up a seat so that we can work with their drawings. I am trying to make their drawings look as much like out drawings as possible, so there's no confusion on the shop floor. We use baseline dimensioning for most things, but the company who has provided the drawings uses ordinate dimensions. I tried right clicking on the ordinate dimensions > more dimensions > baseline, but that just creates new dimensions and I lose any tighter tolerances that may have been defined in the ordinate dimensions. Is there a way to take those ordinate dimensions and convert them to baseline dimensions?

Thanks for your help.