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Selecting an edge under another edge.

Question asked by Roy Potter on Apr 20, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2011 by Roy Potter

I have two weldment members trimmed together one at 34 degs incline (40x8x2000mm) and the other vertical (12mm x 12mm). The vertical member is trimmed to the u/s of the inclined member.


In the drawing I need to place a dimension aligned with the inclined member at the centre of the vertical member. However I can't select the midpoint of the short edge of the vertical trimmed member.

The select other option does not give the edge in question as an option.

Hidding the inclined member in either the model or drawing does not work as the system still picks up the hidden body edge!!!

The only work around so far is to delete the member in the model (delete body feature) place a point as the midpoint of the edge then go back and delete the delet feature in the model.

When I thought that I had managed to apply a relationship bewteen the midpoint and a sketch point, the point attached itself to the midpoint of the so called 'hidden' body.


Does anyone know how get Solidworks to select the edge the user wants?


Is there an option to really hide the body so that SW does not pick up the edge?