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    Associative Dimensions

    Don Cheke

      I have a large assembly imported from another application. I have set the properties for each part, the assembly and the drawing sheet to inches.


      When I try to dimension my drawing the dimension reflects the sheet size, not the actual model size. How does one make the dimensions in the drawing sheet associative?


      I am new to SW drawing and I had planned on spending time getting up to speed, but I don't have time today, so if you could just point me the right direction for today, that would help greatly. I did try a forum search and the help files, but perhaps I am not using the correct SW terminolgy.

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          Jeremy Feist

          all dimensions are "associative" in SW. any dimension you add to a drawing should show the "actual" size of the model being dimensioned.


          you said the parts came from other software, are you sure they imported at the correct scale? use the measure tool in the model and compare to the dims you see in the drawing.


          if the do not match, can you post files here to check?

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              Don Cheke

              Thanks Jeremy.


              I am glad to know they should be associative right from the get go.


              I thought I had changed all parts to inches, but when I check individual parts they still read millimeters.


              What I tried was selecting all components in the assembly file, selected edit component and them changed the document settings to inches. This obviously did not change them en masse.


              Changing just the document settings for the assembly does not seem to do the trick, even though it reads inches when checked.


              So the next question is, how can I change all 'components' of the assembly at once to inches instead of millimeters?

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                  Scott McFadden


                  Don't know of a way to change all of the units at once in an assembly

                  short of creating an API macro.  But to change the units of any model

                  go to Tools>Options>Document properties>units.

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                      Don Cheke

                      Thanks for the tip about creating the macro. I did do that with all part files but found that this wasn't the issue after all.


                      I was making a newbie error and had not selected the correct open unit option. I needed to select Document template specified unit so that the assembly would come in at the right scale. So previously, it was being read correctly (measured in inches), but the assembly scale itself was out by 25.4.


                      OY! the pains of being a newbie. It would be nice to have time to learn the software better before diving right into production drawings. However, once I started to see the power with regards to automated processes, I could not rationalize using my other package for paper space (drawing) output.


                      Thanks for the help, I think I am good to go for a while now.

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                  Robert Van Der Marel

                  If the assembly is in inches and you create a "Drawing from Assembly" and have it set to inches too then it should work right?


                  Just to make sure doublecheck Tools > Options > Document Properties > Units


                  And if you check the dimensions in the assemblies, does it give you the correct dimension?