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Inserting a Schematic in a drawing and printing

Question asked by Stephen Ball on Apr 20, 2011

Hi there,


There have been a few posts related to this, but I have some additional questions.  I'm using SW 2009 SP5.1.


First of all, I'll explain what I'm trying to do.  I would like to somehow include a schematic from another program (electronics) in a SolidWorks drawing so that I can print it out.  Ideally, I would like it to be linked so that the schematic is always up-to-date, but that's not absolutely necessary.


I have tried inserting in all kinds of bitmap and vector formats with no success at being able to read/print the schematic due to quality of the import.  I realize this is something that others have run into.  One thing I tried was to create a PDF that was something massive like 10'x8', insert it into the drawing and then scale it down to 8.5x11".  This was the best quality that I was able to achieve so far by inserting files.  Note that the quality of the original files did not play a role in the SW display quality.


I found that I could embed a native DXF or DWG file as a separate sheet (linked!), and this looks great on the screen.  When I try to print, I have some strange issues.  First, if I try to print all sheets (some SW and one native DWG), the DWG sheet appear to not even exist.  When I print "current sheet" while the DWG is active, I can print but the paper comes out completely blank.  Any thoughts on this?


I have been able to embed the DWG by converting to a SW sketch, and this works OK.  However, I'm not able to link the file this way.


Perhaps some of you might have some other suggestions?


Thanks in advance!