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ScanTo3D measure mesh

Question asked by David Beard on Apr 20, 2011
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This is a ScanTo3D newbie question.  I couldn't find a discussion searching for "measure mesh".  I am looking at using ScanTo3D to reduce the number of field measurements I need to make for some fairly large pieces of equipment.  I have a sample mesh I imported using ScanTo3D on another PC - I don't have  ScanTo3D on my setup - but I am unable to use the measure tool to measure points on the resulting mesh, say to other mesh points or to planes.  Do I need to have ScanTo3D available on my machine to enable mesh measurements?  Or is there am option I need to set or a tool other than the measure tool I need to use?


FYI I have an error message saying "The mesh has topological errors!".  Maybe I need to try re-importing the mesh with different settings?



Dave B