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Trouble with Gear Mates Slipping

Question asked by Tom Strohscher on Apr 20, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2011 by John Sutherland

I'm designing an assembly with 2 racks mates and 2 gear mates.  A rack drives a gear which drives another gear which rotates a part into position.  I have 1 part rotating into position from the left and 1 rotating into position from the right.  When the 2 parts meet the mechanism stops.  The position where they meet is controlled by phasing in the position of the 2 racks. (Tooth alignment/mis-alignment).


I would like to define timming marks and rack position for the initial setup and make sure I have the correct travel.


I am using 2 RackPinion mates and 2 Gear mates and all the motions as they should.  But when I locate the final mating parts into position with a mate so I know they are exact the Gear mates will slip.  The teeth will no longer align where I need them to be.  I've tried to supress a gear mate and rotate the gear into position.  But then when I unsupress the gear mate another gear mate will shift.  I've supressed and unsupressed mates for parts unrelated to the motion and gears have turned out of position.


Has anyone seen this before?  Any ideas on how I can get may parts into the correct postion aside from adjusting dimensions mates and angles mates creeping up on the correct timming position.


Does the order that the mates were put in have anything to do with the order in which they are solved?



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