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Problem with saving a 'Photoview' Animation

Question asked by Raymond Keane on Apr 19, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2011 by Raymond Keane

I recently made a low quality walk through avi of an evaporator model which worked well. I kept it simple using the 'Solidworks Screen' as renderer and 600x400 frame width. The avi was 24 seconds long and 124Mb. I did however attempt the 'Photoview' rendering twice as I need a better resolution for a presentation. This is where the problem arose. I left the render run over night in work on both occasions. Both mornings I came back in the rendering had only completed a few frames and that took 15 hours. My PC is brand new, HP Z400, Intel Xeon CPU W3520 2.67GHz, 6 GB Ram and Dual Quadro FX580 so should be up to the task. Does anybody have any advice to the best way of setting up a Photoview animation which won’t take a week to complete?