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Camaro surface modeling

Question asked by Koen Laarhoven on Apr 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by Nathan Rameaux

Hey there,


I am pretty new to Solidworks. Dutch student with 6 months experience. To get some practice I decided to start surfacing a car, which i heard is pretty hard. I have been running into some errors however. I was hoping that some experienced user might be able to help me out.


I am surfacing this car by drawing 2d lines and combining them in 3d project curves. Between these curves I create a boundary surface. This will be done for every panel of the car. So for some panel I only have to make only 2 curves for instance because I have the edges of the adjecent panels to define it.


I make sure the endpoints of all the curves connect precisely. Yet for some reason gaps keep showing up between the panels of the car.


When I select a 2nd guide curve on this panel for instace, it says **error** and the gap just stays there, It wont become tangeant to the panel that is next to it.


I posted some images so you know what i am talking about. I hope you can provide me with some help.