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How to use LIKE operator for .crp file

Question asked by Naveen Saini on Apr 19, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Joy Garon

Hi,, I am a dot net developer and well known to SQL Server but new to EPDM Reports. I am using LIKE operator in query on .crp file.


I am taking an Argument <ProjectName> whic is geting Set in variable @ProjectName containing the String value, but when I'm comparing the @ProjectName with some column using Like, its returning no result, but geting result when run same query in SQL Server.

Event I have checked the string I'm getting in @ProjectName


I believe syntax near LIKE is not working. Please help me out.



@[Project Status]
§Name [Project Status Generator]


String    ProjectName[1] [Enter Project Name]


Set @ProjectName = {ProjectName}


Select    S.Name, P.ProjectID, D.DocumentID, Filename, P.Path
From    Projects P, DocumentsInProjects DP, Documents D, Status S
Where    P.Path LIKE {@ProjectName}
And        P.ProjectID = DP.ProjectID
And        D.DocumentID = DP.DocumentID
And        D.CurrentStatusID = S.StatusID
Order By S.Name DESC