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Multi-body modeling - what  can we do better?

Question asked by 1-4EQZK9 on Apr 18, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2013 by Matt Gortner

I'd like to start a discussion about SW Multi-body modeling for those of you that work in this mode. Ever since SW2003, users can create multiple bodies in a single part file, and intelligent manage those bodies (both surface and solid) in order to create more complex products that could not necessarily be accomplished < SW2003.


The basic question is this: If we were to do significant improvements to Multi-body, what could we do better?I'd also like to hear from some of you about your experiences with other systems like ProE, Inventor, CATIA and SE on this subject


When I have users ask me what's the advantage of modeling in Multi-body I tell them it gets you around (circumvent) the history tree in order to accomplish certain solutions - i.e. giving the user control of Boolean feature by feature.


Thanks in advance.