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Toolbox is using both UNC and Mapped Paths???

Question asked by Jacob Kudeck on Apr 16, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2011 by Jacob Kudeck

Greetings All,


I work for a contract engineering firm and as such, work off-site, away from the customer's server.

The customer has had their toolbox setup for several years and appears to have had parts added when using a UNC path @ one point, and now using a mapped drive letter path.  All one location that has never been moved.


I have a copy of their toolbox on my laptop hard drive with the same folder structure underneath a parent folder separating them from other customers.

That parent folder is mapped to the same drive letter as the customer uses for their server located files.


So here is the problem;


- I can see and insert the newer parts in the toolbox, that were added using the mapped drive path.

- I cannot see the older parts in the toolbox, that were added using the UNC path.


Originally, I got around this by adding the toolbox folder to the normal library folders.  This allowed insertion of the components using configurations already created.  All that was missing was the nice interface and the ability to adjust the parts to sizes not yet saved in the part file.  The customer was then able to open the assembly off a flash drive on his network and all toolbox files loaded from their company network, with no issues.


This leads me to believe that the path is not stored in the part, but possibly in the SWBrowser.mdb



Now, yesterday, their IT connected me to one of their networks (not the one with the toolbox files) and since then, the older, UNC toolbox parts that I had been adding from the library folder (instead of through the toolbox), will no longer resolve when the assembly is loaded on my laptop.  (still works on the customers network)


Is there any way to change this, so that the toolbox looks for all of the parts using the mapped drive path?


Also FYI, is does not appear that any migration utilities have been used, since the older parts causing problems, show that they are still and older version when opened individually from the folder.  Not sure if this matters, but... it can't hurt to know.



Any help would be greatly appreciated as this will bring a tight timeline project to a virtual halt.


Thanks in Advance,


SW 2011 SP2.0 32-bit