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any 3d Human Body "mannequin" templates online in SW?

Question asked by Per Thompson on Apr 16, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2011 by Mark Athey

Im lookin for 'virtual mannequins' to help figure out ergo-metrics, distances and clearances.


I've heard Pro-E has some.


Shouldn't there be at least some ShareWare for SolidWorks?


Anyone want to help work some up and post online?


Can I post sharable files online with Student Version 2011?




I'm working on a collapsable wheelchair with "Lazy-Boy" reclining features, so I'd like the basic outline but I'd also be interested in any ergonomics for long term comfort and medical issues.



Anyone interested in starting a Shareware project, with varying degrees of complexity.   From basic solid parts of the human forms of various sizes in different positions to fairly full motion skeletons(maybe not EVERY bone in the body, but arms, waist, ankle, legs, neck/head/torso movements)?