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Network file times in excess of 6 minutes for parts - irregular file size

Question asked by Nick Hudson on Apr 14, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2011 by Russ Johnston

I can file a partin 6 minutes. In an assembly the same part files in 1/2 the time.Assembly is of 2 parts that have a common file from which they were split. Is there anyway to speed up the file process?I can save the 2 parts individually in a total of 8 minutes and as an assembly in 4 minutes. File size of one part varies between 86000 kb and 216000 kb during the file operation. File size of this part chantges when the other part is filed.I sent the files to support and they said they could reduce the file sizeby removing all appearances. I tried that and I cannot remove all appearances.So my file stay large.Does anyone have any other suggestions?