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How to optimize a single-user networked computer

Question asked by Craig Gilbreath on Apr 14, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2011 by Walter Fetsch

I am the only SW user in my office right now.  (maybe adding one more user in the distant future)  Right now we have a small "home-type" NON domain network set up for our office.  I currently have SW loaded on my machine.  I have all of my files including my library stored on the "server".  It is backed up nightly.


My question is... Can I bring all my files local but still have the backup drive find my computer through the network to back up my work?  What is the best way to still be able to access PDF's of my drawings through the network?  I guess I could just save those to the network file like I have been doing.  Nobody else in the office needs access to my actual SW files, but I have them on the "server" so they get backed up.


I am also looking at building one of the home-built spec'd machines here on the SW forum and would like to know about the use of the Solid State Drive as the primary and the use of a Hi-capacity drive as a secondary.  Would I store the OS and programs on the SSD and store my files on the secondary drive?


I am a rookie at this Admin thing so I have a lot of learning to do.  Any good resources out there for learning this?