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SolidWorks stability and workstations

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Apr 14, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2011 by Eric Snyder

I am specing out a new workstation for a coworker. We currently run SW 2009 on a Dell Precision 390 with a nVidia Quadro FX3450/4000 video card and is it ever lousy! It crashes all the time - honestly anywhere between 1 - 10 times a day. I am running SW 2009 SP0. I have tried all the suggestions:


  • Submit bug reports to SolidWorks
  • Have my VAR help
  • Reinstall the OS (multiple times)
  • Reinstall SolidWorks (multiple times)
  • Test my video card
  • Add more memory
  • Testing my memory
  • Testing my hard drive
  • Run SW without anything else running


Seems like I have tried more but it's not coming to me at the moment. Also, The parts can sometimes crash on the same features like Features > Flex but most of the crashes seem random as something is rebuilding or a new feature is building. Every time it crashes I can hear the drive kick into overdrive and then anywhere from a second to ten seconds later it totally crashes.


My question...What system/video card would you spec today to get good, fairly fast, stable running of SolidWorks 2009 with the capability of upgrading later to the latest version of SolidWorks? I already know that doing 64 bit is a must. Oh yeah...did I mention stability? We build mostly parts with 20 - 200 features and assemblies of up to 10 parts. If I priortized the desired result it would be rock solid stability first, super speed second.