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SW 2011 admin image deployment failure

Question asked by Steve Prodger on Apr 13, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2011 by Richard Martin



I created an admin image of 2011 at SP3. Both 64 and 32 bit versions were created. Prior to deploying the image I uninstalled SolidWorks, cleaned the registry and deleted the remaining folders from the previous installation. I have deployed this image to several workstations successfully but when I got to one in particular the installation window disappears during the check for the IM requirements. The workstations are identical; hardware, OS, applications, etc... I did some research and saw a similar issue happening to people with a sldreg file tied to the image, I already encountered that and do not have the image set to use a reg file, but to use the default settings instead. After spending a couple hours trying to figure it out, I'm about ready to reimage the entire machine, but before I do so are there any ideas out there as to what would cause the installation window to close down without warning or explanation? Being it was during the requirements check for the IM it is obviously a conflict somewhere with the IM, I just wish it would throw me a bone and indicate what the hold up is.


Thanks in advance