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modo for SolidWorks Kit pre-launch page is up!

Question asked by Paul McCrorey on Apr 13, 2011
Latest reply on May 20, 2011 by Paul McCrorey

Hello all,

Finally, the 'modo for Solidworks kit' pre-launch page is up on Luxology's site.

Here you will find details about the kit and info on the upcoming pre-sales webinars.  In the webinar you will get a chance to see the kit in action and at the end there will be a discount code offered for the purchase of the kit.

The Kit includes:

  • Enhanced SolidWorks Geometry Importer
  • SolidWorks-like User Interface
  • Bundled Environment and Materials Kits (PAD, SES)
  • Training Videos (over 2.5 hours)


The webinars will be on April 19th and April 28th.

April 19 webinar:

April 28 webinar:

The kit is designed to make your transition to modo much easier than mine was.  It is targeted at those who want to take their renders and animations to another level utilizing the full modo tool set.  The goal is to give you a familiar user interface and control set allowing you to focus on your model and making it look great vs. trying to learn a new interface and tool set.

Check it out.