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Simulation FEA reports. What do you think?

Question asked by Derek Bishop on Apr 13, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2011 by Stuart Moore

I've just created a Simulation report in 2011 SP3. In the past I've avoided using the reports because the 'canned' approach didn't really suit my requirements. I started rethinking this recently and using the report if for no other reason than to provide a record of sudies that have a habit of getting corrupted and lost. The current study is about 40 MB of data. I produced the report and it is 1 MB which is a big reduction with a substantial amount of information. Could also use eDrawing but that is another matter.


Anyway I was blown away with the improvements introduced in the report in 2011. Images of fixtures etc. are recorded in the report to illustrate where contacts, forces applied, fixtures etc have been applied. It gives a summary of results relating to each fastener and an image of the fastener. The presentation is professional, the interface simple to use and it worked the first time. A big improvement in the publishing of reports.


Some points for further consideration and improvement after a quick glance:


1. Standard page size for me is ISO A4. A lot of the figures easily seen on the computer are difficult to see on a hard copy unless I print it out on A3 which is too big for  other pages of infornation.

2. Producing a close up image of each bolt hole seems unnecessary.

3. The diagram of the bolted connection should indicate which bolt in the group relates to the information presented.

4. The screen shots of the FEA plots should be as big as possible. I find they always tend to be to small.

5. The report size will become too bulky if a large multibody part with many contacts and forces is evaluated.