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Floor reflections missing in final output files

Question asked by Ronny Islam on Apr 12, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2011 by Alan Sweetenham

SW 2011 SP1 + PV360


I can see the floor reflection on my final and preview render, now is there a way to output a file with the shadow AND reflection is there but the background tranparent?

When I select PNG - the floor reflection is gone - shadow stays. I've tried a couple other outputs. If i output BMP ofcourse I don't get the transparent background... which is what I'm looking for.


Is this possible to do ? I don't see why not - because png support multi level alpha (unlike gif) which supported only binary (transparent / non transparent states)


Couple things to note:

If I try to edit the scene - I am unable to click Floor reflection - even if shadow is turned on.

My floor is defined - i've changed this xy, yz etc. offset , no offset.

I am unable to check the (Floor Reflection) - it's aways greyed out




Also if I right-click on Scenes tree on Left and choose ADD Floor Apperance - this doesn't seem to do anything.

Changing properties of this added floor does not change the rendering at all ( Seems like this is only for SW viewing not appied to PV360)


Here is image of final render ( you can see the floor reflection )


Here is Aplha output of that same image: