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Motion Analysis creates bad .avi

Question asked by Robert Van Der Marel on Apr 13, 2011
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I've created a nice motion analysis and would now like to save it as an .avi for future use.


Now I run into the problems which settings I should choose. If I choose the default resolution (1820xsomething) and 25 fps or something I get the message that the default Windows codec is known to give errors and corrupt the file. I choose to ignore this message and I get vertical roll and jitter in my final movies. I can choose much lower resolution (640x480 at 25fps), I don't get the warning message and I get a clean video file. I do however also get a much granier movie. The other codes that are in there aren't an option as they produce a 3 GB file for a 40 sec movie which in the end couldn't even be played back by Windows Media Player (didn't even try to fix that file).


Does anyone have a list of which resolutions can be chosen at which frame rates to produce clean movie files? Or is there a way to import codecs into SolidWorks?


Thanks again.


I'm running SW2010 @ Windows 7.