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IEdmBatchUpdate fails to update variables in DWG files without generating errors

Question asked by Anthony Terranova on Apr 12, 2011

I used the sample code for IEdmBatchUpdate found in the API documentation and I have been able to update variable on a batch of files as desired except that it does not work for DWG files.   Every other type of files I have applied this process to had no problems whatsoever.  Why is this? 

In the mean time I have tried to sucessfully set variables on DWG files using another strategy.  I succeeded using the sample code of IEdmEnumeratorVariable8 but there is no search feature and it takes about 100 times more time.




I have attached a fie containing the 2 code samples but you can find them in the API document in the sections IEdmBatchUpdate and IEdmEnumeratorVariable8