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SEPDM 2011 SP3.0 Problems

Discussion created by Corey Vantilborg on Apr 12, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2011 by Corey Vantilborg

We recently upgraded to 2011 SP3.0 from 2010 SP3.0.   So far it has been the worst version of EPDM we have used.


There are two fairly critical issues we have discovered already.


1)The versions being shown incorrectly on the version tab as described by S-054758. A fix is coming at the end of the week.

2) SPR-600222 which makes opening opening large assemblies extremely difficult. No idea when this one will be fixed.


My real problem though is the upgrade process for EPDM.  It requires a full upgrade for each SP.  This means each time we upgrade all our files need to be checked in, and the full process went through. This is pretty IT intensive, as well user intesive because of the checking in then checking out.


Currently I am looking updated to SP3.1 as soon as possible, then later doing SP4.0(if it fixes SPR-600222). This is going to be a year where SEPDM costs us more then normal.


How do others deal with this?


We have about 150 users concurrently connected to the Vault at any given time, with about 100 of those who regularly check-out and work on files.  We have about 15,000 files checked out at any given time.   This is why the upgrade process is burdensome. 


Corey V