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top-down modeling a new assembly, in an assembly

Question asked by Michael Gera on Apr 11, 2011
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...Hopefully the subject line is not more confusing than it should be.


The following is a good actual example of what I am trying to do / question being asked:


I have a Soliwrorks 2011 (SP 3.0) assembly.  It is an angle-iron frame weldment.  The frame will have sheet metal enclosures/panels on various places.  I want said panels to be ASSEMBLIES however, not just parts (the panels get bolts and sometimes other sub-assy's attached).  I want to model the panels in a top-down fashion using my frame assembly.  I opened my frame assy, went to insert, new part, and drew a panel.  I had a panel as a single part on my frame assembly.  Herein lies the question:  how do I convert that single panel PART to an ASS'Y?  Is there a recommended way to do this so that no linked dimensions (referenced from the frame ass'y) wind up being broken?  I imagine there must be a way to "assembelize" a top-down part.


Thanks for any help as always.