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    FloExpress problems....?

    Robert Keyes

      Hi everyone


      I'm attempting to see how aerodynamic a car body I've designed for a race series is - apparently I have to cover everything in "Lids". Any sort of idea how to/why/are there any problems with the design? A picture of it is attached, I can e-mail the part to anyone who asks





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          Brian McVeigh

          Hi Robert,

          I believe FloExpress is only intended for studying fluid flow inside objects, not around them, which is why it might be asking for the lids.




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            Philip English

            Have a look at the FloExpress tutorial within SolidWorks. That should clear up your 'Lids' query.


            Basically, your car body needs to sit inside a 'wind tunnel', so if you need create a tunnel around your model, with an open front and back.

            You then need to block the front and back holes up with 'Lids' (basically, convert entities of the inner profile of your hole, then extrude and uncheck merge results, then assign one lid as an inlet, and one as an outlet.


            Please see attached image.


            Please someone correct me if I am wrong, the only time I have used FloExpress is when I completed the built in tutorial when I first got SW last year.