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Wing lift off by a lot

Question asked by Brian McVeigh on Apr 9, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2011 by Joe Galliera


This is my first time using Flow Simulation - I'm trying to find the lift generated by a wing.  Using a lift calculation, it should theoretically be around 62N, however using flow simulation its found to be just 8.4N. Any idea what could be causing this?  I have set the speed to the same used in the calculation, and attached an image of my set up (also set to external and exlude internal cavities).


Also, it took over an hour to compute on quard core i5 with 4gb ram...does that sound right?  I'm currently running another and it's saying it'll take 5 hours, tutorials seem to suggest it should just a few minutes.


Thanks for any help, pulling my hair out here.