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    Wing Structural Simulation - fixed geometry?

    Brian McVeigh

      Hi guys!


      I'm trying to run a study on a wing structure in flight.  I have applied the lift generated by the wing acting up, and the weight of the aircraft acting down where the wing connects to the fuselage, however I am unsure of how to apply constraints.  I tried applying 'fixed geometry' where the wing connects to the fuselage, however this is resulting in huge deformation which I don't think would occur, as rather than the wing bending as it does in the simulation, the aircraft would lift up. 


      Could anyone offer some pointers on how to set up such a simulation?



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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Brian: I'm sure you can just fix the face that is attached to the fuselage, and apply an upward pressure distribution on the wing surfaces. After run, you  can query the results (List Result Force) for the reaction forces at the fixed face which (hopefully) should numerically equal the pressure distribution x wing area and of course a moment at the root. The resultant force and moment is then directly acting on the fuselage wing mount. Hopefully the sum is large enough to overcome the weight (or half the airplane weight). The wing will probably bend a quite a bit (perhaps several inches). After watching the wing tips on a fully-loaded and fueled Boeing 757 jet on take-off, they look to bend about a foot or so (as they are designed to be quite flexible).  Hope that helps.