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    Trend tracker - Where is it?

    James Canney

      Could anyone point me in the driection of the "Trend Tracker" tool.


      I have followed the help, which tells me to right click on the sutdy and enable it, I have tried this on the study tab at the bottom, on the Study in the FM tree, I can't find it anywhere. 


      Been through the simulation menus and cant see it. Must be missing something.

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          Anthony Botting

          Hi James: Excuse me if this appears to be a silly question, but, apparently this is available only for "static" study: Is that the study type you have? I found it in 2011, when I right-mouse-clicked on the name of the study in the FM tree.

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            Joe Galliera

            First, Trend Tracker is available with Simulation Professional and above, so make sure you have at least this.  There is a nice little tutorial on Trend Tracker under Help > SolidWorks Simulation > Tutorials and then choose the Static button, then TT is the ninth one down.


            You access TT through right-click on the study name.  I've added a button for it on the toolbar (don't think it is there by default) because it is so awesome.


            After invoking it, then you have to set the Baseline, and then from then on it will do its work after each subsequent run.