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Thumbnails icons disappear after checking into Pdmworks

Question asked by P. Farnham on Apr 8, 2011
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Is anyone else getting this problem?


All documents rebuilt, thumbnails- icons showing preview, after checking documents into the vault, windows explorer or solidworks explorer previews disappear!


But the drawing thumbnails icons continue to show correctly.


In the attached snip there is some icons with jagged edges and some with nice straight edges.

Opening either of these up  does not prompt for a rebuild.

No messages in Options-advanced.


What do these different icons mean?

Btw I know part, assembly icons, lol, that is not what I am asking.




User since 2003 and Solidworks is getting more skiddy pants each year.

Just make the basic package work correctly before adding more bells and broken bits!



Solidworks pro 2011 x64 sp3.0