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    Linear static: Solver failed!

    Dimitar Mizinov

      Hallo everybody!


      I have a little problem with SolidWorks Simulation 2009 SP5.1.


      I am trying to calculate a linear static model of rectangular vessel with solid mesh type and large displacement mode. But after successful mesh generation solver failed. I have tried several different mesh sizes but it does not help.


      Look at the picture.




      Please help!

        • Re: Linear static: Solver failed!
          Anthony Botting

          Hi Dimitar: Try the Sparse (or, "Direct") solver, first, but uncheck the "Large Displacement" option and verify that it can run a linear analysis. If you get that to run, then try the "Large Displacement" option with the Sparse solver. If that does not work, the automatic load incrementing is not effective for your particular case, so you likely need to use the nonlinear analysis module to ramp the load very slowly.