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Frequent Crashes SW2011 SP02 Windows 7 x64

Question asked by Mark Tellefson on Apr 8, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2011 by Adam Harte-Maxwell

We have brought in a couple HP z400 workstations with 64-bit Windows 7, Quadro FX3800 video cards and 6G RAM.  The guys running them say they are crashing frequently which wasn't a problem with their older, slower XP 32-bit machines.  One question that was raised is that the resource monitor shows 2577MB of memory as "hardware reserved".  Is this related to the video card?  We watched the free memory drop to zero while he was running a simple process and then we received a memory error and Solidworks closed.  Anyone else having the same problems with Win7 64 and SW 2011?  I have been given the green light to purchase 11 more workstations but hate to move forward until this is resolved.