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    Simulation Failed

    Carlos Cesar Brochine Jr


      I am new with solidworks.

      I am trying to use the tutorial to learn about the simulation.

      I am going to: Help>SolidWorks Simulation>Tutorials>Static>Analysis of a Part


      Opening the file Tutor1.SLDPRT, going to the ready file, and clicking run I am getting the message:tutor1-Ready:Failed.

      Going to Help>SolidWorks Simulation>Validation>Verification Problems>Statics, some cases are working fine but some others are presenting the same problem.

      Somebody knows whats happenig? Someone have the same problem?


      Thanks and Regards!

        • Re: Simulation Failed
          chandana jagoda

          Dear Carlos,

                              First your warmly welcome to sw forum.

          My comments for your question

          1.first you can create simple model & add condition (you can guide attached pic) try to simulate. if simulate finely it recognize simulation program has no doubt.

          2.check your tutor1.SLDPRT simulation condition correctly applied.(guide same attached pic)


          If both steps are ok, i hope you have to do better.